Climbing Photography

I've been getting the camera out a bit more recently, partly because I've got a new one, and partly to keep me from climbing too hard when I should be resting.

Most of it gets put on Instagram @ goneepic if you want to see it sooner, although some will get mirrored here eventually.

Sadly, I've been unable to get that many good shots recently. I've been mostly climbing in pairs, which is sadly not particularly suited to getting good photos, except for the expressions and faces on the ground.

I have managed a few while bouldering, and I'll certainly got a few more this weekend at the North Black Range Boulder Festival. I'm planning on taking my full camera setup, and probably 2-3 flashes, in case people are interested in helping me with some night shots.

I've also got the light wand working fully now, so that could be fun.


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