Lunar Eclipse 31st Jan 2018

Despite the near constant cloud, and the cold wind, I decided to stick with the original plan for as long as the batteries lasted. I'm glad I did, as the cloud disappeared about halfway through totality, and I got the entire second partial.

End result of 330 shots:

The Planning

I checked the angles and declinations for the entire period, and then had a look at google maps to try and find a telescope that would line up properly. and printed off a page of notes. 

In the afternoon I wandered out and had another look at the Reynolds (There's still a large skip sitting next to it), the Farnham (worked well, although light contamination was a bit of an issue), and some of the bigger ones, but there were a bunch of cars parked too close to get a good frame, and people with cars were bound to wreck with the lighting at the worst times. So I settled on the Farnham, with a low tripod to keep the moon path just above the dome.

The setup 

Theoretically I could have managed to get the entire eclipse with an 18mm lens, but I wasn't going to put it to the test. I backed out to 10mm to give myself plenty of leeway, and framed the shot in the light of the full moon. 


Canon EOS-M (not ideal: no viewfinder, really noisy at long exposures and/or high ISO)
       with Magic lantern firmware for the intervelometer
Canon EF-S 10-18mm
Compass and clino on my iPhone. 

Roll of duct tape for blacking out some nearby lights


I took 330 images, with AEB +- 2 combined with the intervelometer.
ISO < 400
Aperture  1/4.5-5.6
Speed  1/2000" - 4"

background shots were up to 20" 
and a few shots with a flash to bring out the foreground

This was hand shot, so that I could leave the tripod in place. I really need a second camera though


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