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North Black Range Boulder Meet

Last weekend saw most of the yearly traffic to Black Range descend on the area in a single weekend for the 4th North Black Range boulder meet, organised by Duncan Brown.  It's an opportunity to get out with a lot of like minded people, crush some boulders, and one of the only times that I can find the mats and spotters to have a serious go at some of the highballs.  This year saw the first ascent of 'The Riddle', an unclimbed highball on the main bloc at The Hill. Sadly that happened before I got there on Saturday, and while I had a short go on the bottom part of it, I was lacking in both mats and spotters to try the top part. I did redo 'Percival Extension' that I first sent at the festival last year. Not bad given that I've made a full pivot from regular bouldering last year, to mainly sport climbing this year.  The weather wasn't great, a little cloudy and humid, and I think that played a part in suppressing numbers compared to last year.

Lunar Eclipse 31st Jan 2018

Despite the near constant cloud, and the cold wind, I decided to stick with the original plan for as long as the batteries lasted. I'm glad I did, as the cloud disappeared about halfway through totality, and I got the entire second partial. End result of 330 shots: The sequence from last night. Pretty happy with it, lost a bit to cloud, battery swaps, and the fact that I didn’t have a second camera. Also wish I had a less noisy camera, it might be time to upgrade. Lunar eclipse over the 6 inch Farnham telescope at Mount Stromlo. . . . #stars #nightskies #longexposure #goneepic #idratherbeclimbing #startrails #darkskies #milkyway #feelingsmall #exposure #nightphotography #nightsky #astrophotography #astro #eclipse #lunareclipse #sequence #canberra #cbr #stromlo #canon #eosm #canberratimes A post shared by Dane Evans (@goneepic) on Jan 31, 2018 at 10:58pm PST The Planning I checked the angles and declinations for the entire period, and then had a look at googl