North Black Range Boulder Meet

Last weekend saw most of the yearly traffic to Black Range descend on the area in a single weekend for the 4th North Black Range boulder meet, organised by Duncan Brown. 

It's an opportunity to get out with a lot of like minded people, crush some boulders, and one of the only times that I can find the mats and spotters to have a serious go at some of the highballs. 

This year saw the first ascent of 'The Riddle', an unclimbed highball on the main bloc at The Hill. Sadly that happened before I got there on Saturday, and while I had a short go on the bottom part of it, I was lacking in both mats and spotters to try the top part. I did redo 'Percival Extension' that I first sent at the festival last year. Not bad given that I've made a full pivot from regular bouldering last year, to mainly sport climbing this year. 

The weather wasn't great, a little cloudy and humid, and I think that played a part in suppressing numbers compared to last year. but both days saw some good climbing, even if my finger tips couldn't cope. I'm not used to the tip shredding granite at the moment. Hopefully I'll get on it a bit more in the coming months as Nowra warms up and the local granite looks more appealing for early/late trips. 

I did have a go at a few V7 + lines, some of which seemed like they'd go given a little work. Zac's Arete remains tantalisingly close, and I managed a tough little V5 with minuscule crimps which tested my hip flexibility. 

Sadly this year there was no-one over on Lorax each time I went for a look, and there didn't seem to be any chalk on it, so I don't think anyone had a go all weekend. I was really hoping to give it another go, the lack of technique last year stung, and I was hoping to see if I'd learnt anything. But that line needs at least a few spotters, and a bunch of mats. If anyone wants to get out and try it, give me a yell. 


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