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Training, 1 cycle in

 I've been training seriously for the first time ever in preparation for the trip to Yangshuo, I'm interested to see how far I can push, and in what kind of time frame It's hard to say how effective training has been so far, it's only been 6 weeks, and I don't really know where the baseline was to begin with. I am feeling stronger that I ever have been before, but this is the first time I've ever really trained seriously, and even now it has been less consistent and regular than I'd like... One of the effects of having one's life shaken up a bit. I've just started the second power phase, and based on the indoor 'grades' I'm a few grades above where I was a month or so ago.Moves on V8-10's, completing or nearly so on V6-8's But with limited problems, and limited people grading the problems it's hard to put much stock in it. Doing routes, my strength on individual moves has improved a bit, but it

A new(ish) camera

I finally upgraded the old camera... I'm moving from a relatively high end point and shoot from 2007, to a basic mirror less DSLR from about 2014 - as always my basic requirement is full manual mode, and no weird double flashes that will mess with a slave flash. - size is important, but not overly so, I just want a machine that will do what I want, and allow me the control when I want it. The EOS-M fits these criteria, and is a large step up from the compact that I was using prior. It's not the top of the line, nor the newest, but for something that I will abuse, that suits me just fine. I've got the 22mm pancake lens, an 18-55mm lens, and I've added a 55-200mm lens, allowing me to get close to the action for climbing shots.