A camera update

I've spent a lot of time shooting with the EOS-M now, in a variety of situations. I'm finding that I can make it do most things I want it to with a little bit of effort.

I've made a few changes or additions to make it work better for me.
I've added:
- An aluminium grip to the camera, this adds to the bulk, and the weight, but makes it a lot easier to hold onto it with one hand as you are dangling from a rope.
- The long lens that I mentioned last time, this allows me to get close ups, and means I need to move less when I'm on the rope, or get decent cliff wide shots from further back
- a set of RF flash triggers, great when you want a discrete flash, or don't want to play with photo-triggers
- UV filters on all of the lenses - these are pretty much solely to prevent scratches on the lenses... something that is bound to occur in the conditions I shoot in.
- a lens hood - this is mostly to save the UV filters and lenses from bashing into the rock as I move around.
- a bunch of spare batteries and cards

Over the last few weeks I've been doing a few other things, taking pictures of glow disc golf, including at the full moon, some long exposures around Canberra and some time lapses.
This has led me to order a few more bits and pieces, with a few more likely on the way soon
- a pass-through battery so I can run external power for the long timelapses
- a remote trigger (non-canon, but at $6 I'll take the risk)
- some neutral density filters so I can up the exposure times for flow scenes,

I'll also buy a bunch of 18605 batteries and holders, being Li-ion cells, 2 of them give 7.6V, the same as the internal pack, so with a few in parallel I should be able to extend my timelapses indefinitely if I swap them out one at a time.


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