Attempt on the peaks 1

The Plan

Head North from Guthega power station up to Schlink pass on bikes, head up Gungarten and then return to the bikes for the next 20-30km north to walk into Jagungal
7/2/15 was the big day.

The day

We started early, 4:45 AM we started the watches -  and started the long haul up to the pass, the going was slow, but not unmanageable. Despite the cold at the start we were soon down to jerseys and shorts, leaving the warmer stuff for pickup on the return journey. The walk up to Gungarten was a pleasant reprieve, before the return to the saddle.

The track continued to be good for a few kilometers, before the turn off to Valentines hut. From there the track got steeper and dropped in and out of valleys, and the track was overgrown with grass. The pace slowed to a crawl, even the descents were quite slow. Eventually we turned back about 10km short of Jagungal, as we were down to just a few energy gels each for the return journey.

On the way back I broke a spoke, and popped the nuts on another few just over the top of Schlink pass, leaving me to nurse it down the final 10km and substantial loss of height.


  •  1 peak, 
  • 2100m elevation gain and loss
  • 14:38 hours, 
  • 64 Km's, 
  • a destroyed bike rim, 
  • no food left.
  • movescount moves and down

The overwhelming conclusions were that Jagungal is hard, and a long way from the rest, bikes are useless on these roads, and the hills are steep. The bikes might be useful to get to Kosi, but that would make the logistics a little difficult.


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